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Cruises Are Cruises Are Cruises. Right?

There is nothing quite like a river cruise.

Right? photo They proceed at the best speed, provide great amenities and provide lovely views. When you take a river cruise through Europe you will have the chance to disembark and join in compelling excursions, while back on board you will enjoy unmatched service, excellent culinary experiences, and engaging activities.

And one factor passengers really like is that they only have to unpack one time. A vacation on one of these cruises takes you along age-old trading routes to the most contemporary cities and towns in Europe.

While cruising on famed rivers including the Seine, Rhine, Volga, Danube, or Douro, you will see extraordinary ever-changing vistas and places you'll be eager to visit up close. Guests have the opportunity to become well-acquainted with the lifestyle, art and history of their destination cities Guests can get off the vessel and stroll around on their own or sign up for guided outings.

There are lots of enjoyable things to do at each port, such as visiting art galleries and museums, going to a musical or theatrical performance, or visiting local points of interest.

And the amenities on these ships will guarantee that you are happy and have everything you want. The rooms come with a TV set, a safe for your valuable possessions, and a mini refrigerator, as well as a private bathroom and in-room temperature control.

These cruisers are well known for their fine dining, bars, and lounges, and most of the larger vessels also feature pools and sun decks where you can unwind in the fresh air, libraries where you can find something to read, specialty boutiques, and free Wi-Fi.

The makings of a perfect vacation
Combine of all this, along with excellent and personalized service from on-board staff, and you have the ingredients for an amazing vacation.

No matter what season you travel, you will enjoy the different lifestyle of each destination.

In the spring and summer, you can enjoy local outdoor events and lively activities that only take place in the warmer months of the year. To miss the predictable crowds of tourists in the summer, give some thought to traveling in the fall months, as the cooler weather will mean fewer people visiting each port of call. The winter months are a great time to go if you enjoy experiencing the unique holiday events and customs of other countries, such as the spectacular Christmas markets traditional in some places.

A river cruise is a great option for anyone who would like to journey in comfort and style.

Newcomers to cruising might want to start off with a river cruise, as there is minimal possibility of being seasick, and they will find out how easy it is to travel this way. What’s more, because river cruises give travelers so much opportunity to experience local places and cultures, they are optimal for anyone interested in art, history, or just seeing new countries.

Explore Europe’s Splendors on a River Cruise

The most fascinating rivers in Europe can be yours to see and enjoy.

From the rivers Rhine, Danube, Volga, Douro, and Dnieper to the Loire and the Elbe, gliding along these celebrated waterways is just the right way to cruise.

Size doesn't matter.

In addition to exciting local excursions, these smaller, elegant river ships offer world-class dining and entertainment, elegant rooms with state-of the-art technology, and a full range of amenities. The mood is relaxing and inviting with a sense of decadence.

Trips are scheduled in a way that gives guests ample opportunity to spend time at each destination. These in-depth encounters take you behind the scenes to see what makes living, working, and having fun at your port of call memorable. Discover these places through the stories told by its artists, history and culinary pleasures.

River Cruises: Destinations

Off-board adventures at ports of call can be as amazing as being on board the vessel. For every river cruise in Europe there is a distinct set of things to do and see. To see Europe by sailing its historic rivers is to open up new experiences for yourself. History aficionados, adventure-seekers, and people just trying to learn about interesting cultures will all find something to do.

You will experience exciting moments in the foremost cultural centers of Europe, go to historic monuments and take in the beautiful scenery. These luxury vessels are the ideal size to steer into the smaller harbors and ports closest to the most important attractions and town centers. Cruises. artwork

Famed Rivers of France

France’s many waterways will take you to some of its most famous places. Everyone discovers something to enjoy in France: food and wine lovers will delight in the delicacies in Lyon and Bordeaux, history buffs will be captivated by the sights in Normandy, and absolutely everyone will appreciate the scenic beauty of Provence and Paris. Take time in Aquitaine, once one of the richest areas of Europe, and check out its lovely farms, forests, vineyards, and ports.

Hunt for truffles in Périgord and make your own particular blend of Cognac at the Camus distillery.

The coastal town of Arcachon in southwest France is popular for its delectable oysters. In Bordeaux, don’t forget the wonderfully sweet wine crafted in Sauternes, or the sumptuous reds of the Médoc and Saint-Émilion. No matter the waterway, the Rhône River or the Seine River, the Dordogne or the Gironde, a France river tour will immerse passengers in a lifestyle rich in wine, art, food and tradition.

Historied Rivers of Central Europe

Elbe River cruises spotlight both the Czech Republic and Germany and carry passengers on a fantastic trip past medieval villages and ancient forts. Fans of German Riesling will delight in traveling down the Mosel River, known as the Moselle in France, which will take them through the area of Germany famous for its wines.

In Central Europe, a Danube River cruise will pass through Vienna, Austria, where you can learn to waltz as they did back in the days of the Austrian court; and through Budapest, Hungary, where you can indulge in the famous thermal baths called banya locally.

Foodies will love the Austro-Hungarian culinary wonders, while wandering adventurers might prefer to spend time in some lesser-known cities such as Passau or Bratislava.

The Waterways of the Tsars

Visit Russia as never before on waterways of the Tsars where you’ll notice the swirling onion domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral and the well-known towers of Moscow’s Red Square. Russia’s Hermitage Museum is the second largest sized museum in the world, and the building itself is also beautiful and awe-inspiring. The glorious Peterhof Palace will take your breath away, while the Soviet-era kommunalka will give you fascinating insight into the day-to-day lives of the multiple families who lived there together commune-style.

And last but not least, don’t forget to sample some Russian specialties like caviar and blini pancakes, borscht, pirog, or solyanka. Numerous peoples played a role in the story of the Dnieper River: Russian, Ottoman, Jewish, Cossack, Greek, Tatar, and Mongol.

There are wonderful museums and old churches to tour at various stops along the way as well as imposing Soviet-era structures, or for a lighter experience get tickets to an entertaining local dance or musical show.

Portugal's Duoro River Valley

The Douro River in Portugal will take you to the fantastic capital city of Lisbon, where you can step back in time in the city’s old town or go to the newer areas filled with lively cafes, bars, restaurants, and art galleries.

Tour the beautiful vineyards that produce the country’s well-known Port wine and experience traditional cuisine, wine and fado singing.

The Douro River Valley is the world’s oldest demarcated wine production zone and a UNESCO site.

Nordic Wonders
Explore the lush Nordic region by sea, then move on the the famed river Rhine. Start in Bergen, a historic city where the Vikings landed, then visit the enchanting village of Flåm and the nearby fjords, historic Kristiansand, and the more vibrant modern cities of Stavanger and Olso.

Skagen, Denmark is known for its sandy beaches in the north; Kinderdijk, Holland is the home of the country’s classic windmills; and Amsterdam is the region’s most vivacious and colorful city.

The fabulous sights & tastes of Germany along its riverways

Stop to see Cologne’s famous cathedral and walk around Ehrenbreitstein Fortress.

The scenic Middle Rhine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is really worth a visit with its imposing cathedrals, great fortresses, ancient villages, and rich history.

Travel through the famed Black Forest in Germany, stop in France’s Strasbourg with its splendid Gothic cathedral, then on to Basel, Switzerland with its charming medieval old town. Simply being on board is enjoyable and interesting, and your excursions should be the same. Immerse yourself in the authentic culture, activities and food of the places you’ll visit.

Every cruise ship is designed to be its own special creation, just as each stop along the itinerary is a unique and one-of-a-kind place.

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