Foodie Travel

Culinary tourism or food touring or food travel is the exploration of food for the sole purpose of leisure. It has become increasingly recognised as an essential component of your holiday. Dining out regularly amongst holidaymakers is extremely popular amongst tourists and "eating out is considered to be a part of that holiday." Although the majority of people enjoy eating out in restaurants, many also enjoy a nice meal at a roadside eatery or even at home. There are many different types of food lovers who partake in food tours and one of the most popular with them are people who love to eat out but cannot always get to the restaurants or hotels they fancy. A good example of this is someone who lives in Paris but wishes to enjoy good food on the town. A great way to combine both eating out and good food at home is by hiring a food truck or cart to bring authentic food back to your holiday accommodation. Foodie Travel offers a variety of food cart rental services in Paris and other key cities throughout France. For travelers looking for authentic Argentina in their trip to France there is no better option than a Foodie Travel service. As previously mentioned, Paris is a great way to experience authentic Argentina but if you cannot make it to France you can still enjoy a delicious meal while you are there. Many of these foodie carts in Paris are owned by local restaurants who have enjoyed a good rapport with the operators of the carts. One of the best ways to experience French food for yourself is to go on a food tour where you visit different local restaurants and learn about the culture and cooking techniques that are used. Foodie Travel offers several popular tours in France, which cover some of the more popular places in Paris and other major cities. Each day you will be ushered into a special location where a skilled chef is preparing a unique dish according to the ingredients selected by the owner. Some of the more popular tours include: Arles, where you will get to enjoy fine dining, wine and cheese tasting, une pauloise plus much more; Chateauneuf-en-Auxois, where you will enjoy a rustic rural gastronomic life, grilling techniques, fresh seafood and much more; La Croisette, where you will learn about the French method of grilling; L'Agen, where you will taste exquisite pastries, specialty cheese and desserts and La cuisine de l'usage, which mean the secret of French cuisine. The amazing food and local flavors that you will experience during your travels will definitely make you want to return again. Foodie Travel offers food tours in many of the most popular cities in the world, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami Beach, Dallas, Barcelona and many others. Each new city that you visit will offer new, exciting food tours to help you broaden your horizons even further. With these amazing food tours you will not only taste new foods, but you will learn how these ingredients are prepared and how they combine to create a delicious meal that everyone can enjoy. If you are planning a trip with family or friends, Foodie Travel can arrange a fabulous family friendly restaurant for you to eat at while on your tour. The chefs on staff know their stuff and you can be sure that your meal will be fabulous. A great benefit of eating at a restaurant owned by a local chef is that you can sit and enjoy a conversation with the locals and sample the foods being prepared right before your eyes. You can take this same concept to an international restaurant that has restaurants all over the world. When you go to one of these locations, the wait can be very long and you might have to eat at the bar if you want a beverage to drink while you wait, but it is well worth the wait. While you are enjoying your meals at a Foodie Travel restaurant, you can also take advantage of their Instagram page. Instagram is a wonderful way to interact with others who share your passion for food and for cooking. Foodie restaurants can post Instagram pictures of their menus so that when you are ready to make your reservation or purchase your meal ticket, you will be able to see exactly what type of meal is offered at that restaurant as well as what Instagram photos were taken by diners while they were at the restaurant. There are endless ways that Foodie Travel can help you eat better while traveling. By offering a variety of different meals and snacks to fit every taste bud, they can help you eat healthier while experiencing new food experiences that you will never forget. This type of restaurant should definitely be on every traveler "to eat to" list!