Off-the-Beaten-Track Treks

Do you want to really break free and head to places where you can be completely on your own with no one else around? Cut yourself off from the routine grind and plugin with nature on some of the world's most off-the-beaten-paths.

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Visit Africa's third ultimate peak, the Australian deserts, or trek the world's most southern peak in Patagonia, all are breathtaking. Even though these trails are not easy to get to, don't let that stop you, there is a trek out there for everyone. Try via the app. 

Gokyo Lakes & Renjo La in Nepal
Duration is approximately 17 days (13 days trekking)
Level of Difficulty: Moderate to Challenging (6)
Ideal for: Active travelers who want to try out a trail different to the ever-popular Everest Base Camp trek
Best time to go is February to mid-May or end of September to December

How would you like to avoid the busier trails in Everest?

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This path goes through Sherpa villages to the wondrous turquoise Gokya Lakes and continues through the Renjo La (5,400m).


Or explore the Dark Continent: Africa.

The least exciting thing you'll do on an African honeymoon is to read a book before a hippo-filled river because the remainder of the time you'll be on an exhilarating game drive, a walking safari, a fishing expedition or a canoe trip.

Toast to married life before a camp fire as you look up to watch the star-studded sky and listen to the sounds of the African bush, with an occasional roar here and there. Off-the-Beaten-Track portrayalZambia, often referred to as the "Real Africa", is an authentic wilderness experience distant from the crowds of tourist-packed destinations. It is a destination popular with honeymooners with a sense of adventure and a an appreciation for nature. It is a country teeming with some of the most out of the way and unspoiled wildlife in Africa, but also an area with incredible sunsets where you can enjoy true peace and quiet. Off-the-Beaten-Track descriptionThe entirety of South Africa encompasses its beautiful Cape Town, Big 5 game reserves, picturesque wine routes, dazzling beaches and magnificent mountain ranges, all of which make it an the perfect honeymoon destination. The many distinctive cultures which together make up this country have made it known as the "Rainbow Nation". Approximately 1,200 miles off the southeastern coast of the African continent lies Mauritius, one of the world's most fashionable honeymoon destinations, and for good reason.

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This island on the Indian Ocean, with its year-round good weather conditions and palm-fringed fabulous beaches, ticks of all the boxes as an paradisiacal, romantic vacation. Honeymooners will find that Mauritius offers a blend of activity, plenty of opportunities to just lay back and relax, luxurious lodgings and the personal service they seek for such a momentous time.


Life is short – add in some great weekend getaways every now and then, to chill out, have a good time, and get away from your day-to-day routine. Off-the-Beaten-Track pictureOf course, choosing a destination can be a problem if you only have a brief time to go. But don't worry, there are actually lots of destinations that could be just what you are searching for in a weekend away.

New York City

Getting to the city that never sleeps from almost anywhere is easy by car, rail, or air. Off-the-Beaten-Track imageDon't let weather deter you; indoor activities like distinguished museums or Broadway shows abound, while outdoor activities such as the High Line and Central Park can also be beautiful even in the winter. Both the inspiring iconic landmark known as the Statue of Liberty and famous Ellis Island can be visited by ferry.

San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most gorgeous cities in the nation with its legendary Golden Gate Bridge, Victorian architecture dotting the steep hills, interesting and distinctive neighborhoods, cable cars, and lovely weather all year long. Ten photoBaseball has never been as picturesque as in San Francisco; go to a game at AT&T Park and enjoy the gorgeous views of the beautiful San Francisco Bay.

Washington, D.C.

The beautiful U.S. capital of Washington, D.C. Off-the-Beaten-Track portrayalhas many major attractions that are easy to visit, as many are free of charge and found within walking distance of each other: the imposing Lincoln Memorial, the awe-inspiring Washington Monument, and many more. Foodies will love the weekend brunch custom, popular with both local people and visitors alike.

New Orleans

The fascinating city of New Orleans offers an amazing array of activities to select from. Off-the-Beaten-Track descriptionIf you love history, be sure to check out The National WWII Museum, or if you wish to spend time outside, walk around the gorgeous City Park. Anyone spending time in New Orleans has to designate some time to walk around the legendary French Quarter (preferably in the evening) and save some appetite for the delectable traditional beignets.

Nashville, NC

This small town is loved by easy-going hipsters, beer lovers, as well as anyone who loves beautiful mountain scenery. Ten graphicAvid hikers will want to take a hike on the renowned Appalachian Trail which passes nearby, while anyone who just wants to enjoy a spectacular view and some fresh air can head over to Pisgah National Forest or the Blue Ridge Parkway. More than a hundred wonderful craft beers await you at nearby breweries, so go on over once you are ready to kick back and relax.


With its unique and varied neighborhoods, awesome food scene, historic architecture, and other fun activities, Chicago is a fantastic weekend getaway. Off-the-Beaten-Track pictureIf the weather is good, cruise down the Chicago River to see the city's iconic architecture, then head over to Millennium Park to check out the sculpture locals affectionately refer to as "The Bean".

Chicago has a rich culture of notable museums such as the Field Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago; ideal for those cold Chicago winter days.


This beautiful coastal city has a lot to offer: have a coffee at the original Starbucks, then head over to the legendary Space Needle, and finally check out the scene at the fun Pike Place Market where you can have dinner at one of the wonderful restaurants. For anyone who would love a good workout, go for a hike in the lovely Discovery Park, or for bold adventurers, head over to Mount St. Helens, an active volcano whose last major eruption was in 1980. Bring an umbrella, but don't let the city's famous rainy weather discourage you; it is typically just a light drizzle or mist.